How TFA can help you

TFA exists to help not-for-profit organisations in Australia to maintain their links with existing financial supporters and to explore ways of finding new supporters to ensure continuity of planning and resourcing over the long term.


Our Fundraising Simulation Model has evolved over 25 years and is the basis upon which we forecast, monitor and report on campaigns and longitudinal trends associated with continuing fundraising programs.


Ask us how we can help consolidate and progress your donation stream.

Charity Fundraising Services

TFA can help your NFP reach its fundraising goals with a number of services from ensuring the committment of existing donors and supporters to finding new recruits.


By using a co-ordinated strategy ranging from the technological through social media to the personal interaction with trained phone staff, TFA can make a difference to your organisation's present and future.


Art Union lotteries

Everyone wins here, a great way to recruit new regular donors

Planned giving

Eliciting and retaining regular donations ensures continuity

Digital Outreach

Make use of communications to map giving habits

Campaign monitoring

Following campaigns made simple through analytics

Donor satisfaction

Ensure that the donor population feel appreciated

Better as a team

We have many other services to help you - just ask

CRM and Financial Modeling

Let our experience

guide your experience

in building a support base

Over a number of years we have developed considerable intellectual property in the fields of both telemarketing and market research. In particular for fundraising, we have developed a customized CRM specifically tailored to telemarketing fundraising. Ask us for some illustrations of the extensive information base we retain for all longitudinal programs of fundraising. This information is used to maintain and profile Supporters and non-Supporters for optimal outcomes from telemarketing.

Our Fundraising Simulation Model has evolved over many years and is the basis upon which we forecast, monitor and report on campaigns and longitudinal trends associated with continuing fundraising programs.


Digital outreach

Your next generation donors

are waiting out there

we can help you find them

As the context of the giving community is changing, so are the ways in which potential donors can be reached. As fixed lines and mail deliveries give way to mobiles and social media interaction, new means of finding and keeping in contact must be found.

Optimisation of websites and media buys to enable digital mapping of donor habits enables the giving experience to become relevant to people whose chief social interaction is enabled through mobile digital platforms.


Charity Raffles

Raffles are a great way

of raising awareness

and getting new supporters

Telefundraising for cash prize raffles remains an effective fundraising method for charities. It achieves higher response rates than other marketing channels.

Raffles are a great way of involving people in fundraising that aren't already involved with a charity. TFA has helped many Australian charities raise money over more than two decades.

About Us

High quality

fundraising services

for Australian not-for-profit organisations

TFA is a charity fundraising services organisation providing high quality fundraising services to the not-for-profit sector in Australia at attractive rates.

TFA takes a multidisciplinary approach to work with Australian NFPs, combining cutting edge technology with social knowhow and personal outreach.

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